Private Events

Airbrush kingdom is an airbrush company in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in private Events for all occasions birthdays party fairs bat/bar mitzvah parties Custom designs on t-shirts, hats, basketballs, sweaters and most surfaces. At airbrush kingdom we are experienced artists reliable and have friendly And professional service, when you book airbrush kingdom you make live graffiti paint at your event with your guests gathering around And experiencing talented artists creating their design right before Them. Feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions we look Forward to graffiti your party favors with awesome designs

Events vary in price depending on location length of event and amount of party favors

Party favors

You have the option to supply your own party favors such as hats shirts etc. But if it makes it easier we can always supply hats, shirts, beanies hoodies,for you .

Who we are

Airbrush Kingdom is a 3 person team including 2 artists. We are respectful responsible and committed to good service.If you have any questions please fill the contact us form


Some of the designs shown are registered trademarks owned by different companies; some designs are done at private events as party Favors for guests which are for personal use not for resale or redistribution of any kind, all parties must agree to this condition at booking event time.

Past Booked Dates:

2017-02-12 no location yet - 90024 ca Anniversary Party  (575) 744-0760
2014-08-02 rialto ca Birthday Party  
2014-06-21 Bel Air CA Birthday Party  3179093053
2014-07-26 Santa Monica CA Birthday Party  6175346227
2014-04-27 walnut ca Anniversary Party  
2014-04-26 newport beach ca Birthday Party  
2014-09-20 newport beach CA Birthday Party  
2014-09-26 Palm Desert CA Corporate Event  
2014-09-27 Palm Desert CA Corporate Event  
2014-09-28 Los Angeles CA Birthday Party  
2014-12-13 irvine, ca Anniversary Party  
2015-05-18 Tarzna CA Birthday Party  3176291198
2015-06-06 Santa Clarita CA Anniversary Party  343-364-6381
2015-11-25 Santa Monica CA Private Party  
2015-11-14 Manhattan Beach ca Anniversary Party  6032930374
2016-02-14 Los angeles Ca Anniversary Party  
2016-11-23 Sherman oaks Ca Anniversary Party  
2016-05-28 Newport Beach Ca Birthday Party  
2016-06-09 Los Angeles Ca Birthday Party  (939) 438-5356
2016-09-10 Encino CA Birthday Party  (313) 725-3163

Coming events:

Customer reviews from past events:

I have hired this airbrush team for 2 years straight the work and the service is great!

Event Date : 2014-06-21

Event : Birthday Party in Bel Air CA

Thank you so much Jesus and Estela. You guys were great and we are so glad you were still our event. Everyone likes Ed the airbrushed beanies and totes! THANK YOU!!!

Event Date : 2016-11-23

Event : Anniversary Party in Sherman oaks CA

Airbrushing basketball party favors was great kids love it adults love it definitely glad i called .

Event Date : 2015-06-06

Event : Anniversary Party in Santa Clarita CA

We decided to do basketball party favors and we are so glad we did they were unique and cool 🏀 very professional team. Thank you

Event Date : 2015-11-14

Event : Anniversary Party in Manhattan Beach CA

Airbrush kingdom great job ! Party favors were amazing i totally recommend this company 👍

Event Date :

Event : in

I hired airbrush kingdom for my son's 12th birthday party to airbrush t-shirts it was Amazing everyone was so excited and loved my party favors plus great Service..I know who to call next time :)

Event Date : 2014-08-02

Event : Birthday Party in rialto CA

Airbrush kingdom did an amazing job at my daughters birthday party ..everyone loved their party favor hats . Thank you and I look forward to the next party .

Event Date : 2014-04-27

Event : Anniversary Party in walnut CA

Really impressed with this company and i have hired caricaturist ballon twisters, hanah tattoo but airbrushing and the work is really something. 👏 10/10

Event Date : 2015-11-25

Event : Private Party in Santa Monica CA

I am pretty sure this airbrush team is one of the best I have seen everything went smoothly from booking to party favors .Recommendations for sure .📲

Event Date : 2016-02-14

Event : Anniversary Party in Los angeles CA